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Stephane is one of the Viet Kieu filmmakers. He's directed Cinema Verite like gems such as Owl and Sparrow and Saigon Electric. Sort of like the Dardenne Brothers. Here he passionately talks about what it's like making films in Vietnam. Very insightful lecture. See Video. ...continue reading "Stephane Gauger Discusses Filmmaking in Vietnam and beyond…"

So what do people search for when they think of Vietnamese art and entertainment. The answer is Mỹ Nhân Kế ((The Lady Assassin), a film that made a lot of money in Vietnam starring supermodels.



The price is kind of steep but I guess if you're a movie editor it's worth investing in one these powerful machines. One needs to also invest in a reliable storage system. Like one of those RAIDs with thunderbolt or sas, at the same time keeping in mind of the humidity in Vietnam. Additional equipments include full HD dual monitors and some kick-ass studio monitor speakers.

Check the link below for price in Vietnamese DONG.

HANOI DOCLAB is a facility that supports experimental filmmaking in Vietnam. This venue regularly showcases contemporary moving image from local artists. They also hold seminars that teach filmmaking to newcomers.

Check out their website:


The Korean film industry is often used to gauge how good the Vietnamese film industry should be. To many people, Korea have come a long way and is considered to be decades ahead of Vietnam in term of cinematic development. THUY is a new film from Korea about a Vietnamese woman who is married to a Korean man and has to overcome cultural boundary when her husband dies of an accident. Somehow it bizarrely correlates to the two countries' relationship of cinematic growth. ...continue reading "THUY – New Korean Film. Interview With Director and Actress"

Nguyen Ha Bac, Van Lang Centre

Nguyen Ha Bac, Vietnam's pioneering animator talks about the difficulty of making cartoons in Vietnam and the general population's views toward the art form.

The Vietnamese Cinematography Association is creating an entity that will protect films from copyright infringement. For example, Bui Doi Cho Lon was leaked on the internet, and now Luong Roi is also leaked.

Vietnam film industry needs copyright watchdog | DTiNews - Dan Tri International, the news gateway of Vietnam.


Transformers NIKON_FLICKR_chia ying Yang_CC BY 2.0

I think one of the reason Vietnamese film industry is struggling is that they try too hard to make movies like Hollywood, especially with how much money they are spending. I’m not saying the amount of money is the same in Hollywood. Compare to Vietnamese film standard, the budget is still huge. If you spend 1 million USD to make a film then most likely you will lose money showing it in Vietnamese theater, unless you can tap into the Television and Internet market as complimentary platforms. Vietnamese films have a very small exposure window, for example during the brief TET period. Coupled with limited marketing therefore they have very little chance of monetary return. If a Vietnamese film failed at the theater in Vietnam then that’s it. At least with American movies if they don’t do well at home, they can still show overseas to recoup cost. That’s not the case with Vietnamese films. ...continue reading "PROMISING CAMERA BODIES FOR VIETNAMESE FILMMAKERS"

While most Westerners are familiar with films like Full Metal Jacket, The Quiet American, Rambo, or those of Oliver Stone and Chuck Norris, oversea Vietnamese are most fond of films from Viet Kieu directors like Ham Tran, Victor Vu, Charlie-Dustin-Johnny Nguyen, Luu Huynh and most famously is Tran Anh Hung. However, very few people are aware of the movies made in Vietnam by native Vietnamese directors. This is my first post so I’d like to share with you some of the best I’ve seen in that category. They aren’t very well known. I am sure there are many more I haven’t seen so drop me a comment to let me know of a hidden gem.

Currently these are the ones that I really admire. ...continue reading "10 PERSONAL FAVORITE FILMS BY NATIVE VIETNAMESE DIRECTORS"