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Critically Acclaimed State Fund Vietnamese Film Finally Gets Its Premiere. CHECK OUT THE TRAILER

I haven't seen Người Viết Huyền Thoại (The Legend Maker) so I don't know if it's good or not. I saw the trailer for the film and it seems to have some questionable filmmaking qualities. For example at 1:07, the kid in the trailer is in my opinion miscast. Doesn't he looks a little pudgy and well groomed to play a village lad during wartime? At 0:24, the acting is kind of overly melodramatic--typical in many Vietnamese films. At 0:48.The helicopters are clearly computer generated. Also, at 1:26, there are stylized scenes of soldier doing some gung-ho martial arts. Anyway, maybe it's an action film or whoever put this trailer together thought it's an action movie.

I hope this movie doesn't have any of the cliches.

Regardless, I'm excitedly that it's finally showing and really want to see it.

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