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TOM VU: The Predecessor of The Wolf of Wall Street

No doubt the filmmakers of Wolf of Wall Street have researched extensively on Tom Vu, a Vietnamese immigrant who's made quite a name for himself on late night TV infomercial during the 80s. Vu's got character, charisma, confidence, energy, and a Vietnamese accent.


His demeanor is so hypnotic. By exploiting his immigrant background, he's able to attract hundreds of underrepresented folks to attend his 3-hour seminar on how to make money on properties in distress. His latest venture (in addition to playing poker) is a website called, which is currently not working! The site claims it's free to sign up and members can make money. How does it works? Once joined, members have to get others to register and then so on. It's all free. The site makes money from advertisements and shares 80% of profit to members. What's unclear is how does it pay its members? Well, this is how. Members who've reached the payout level of membership will be issued debit cards. However just like any money cards, there are cutthroat hidden fees. ALL IN ALL, I think he's an extremely interesting man way ahead of his time. So how is he akin to The Wolf of Wall Street? Sexy blonds, yacht, mansion, his irresistible charm, and if you watch the film, there's an infomercial scene right before Belfort gets nabbed by the FBI. Hollywood's gotta make a movie about this guy! But please don't cast a white guy to play him.

Check out his Youtube Infomercial. They're hilarious and contains some of the most unforgettable quotes.

Here is ZENZUU's promotional video.

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