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4D cinema in Vietnam

stereographic-3D-by-Dain-Fagerholm-9Who needs 4D in a theater? The moment you step out of the plane in Vietnam, your surrounding feels like a 4D film experience: the colors, the noise, the humidity, and the taste of a fly that has just flown into your mouth. Anyway, Megastar, the biggest movie theater chain in Vietnam, is going to be renamed CGV. What? What's wrong with Megastar? CGV sounds like a disease. CGV is planning the first 4D theater in Ha Noi. The term is called 4Dx. What's the "x" about? And what happen to 3D or 3Dx? Since the Vietnamese's department of cinematography is pursuing an Oscar dream and cinematic supremacy in that region, they'll collaborate with the Koreans to upgrade their theater technology faster than light speed skipping 3D altogether. I wonder how much ticket is gonna cost. For the time being, I'll stay away from Vietnamese movies with scenes taking place inside a bathroom and involve a toilet, even though a toilet time machine movie might be in the work.

Here's a demonstration video of how 4Dx works:

Check out more on the news:

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