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Flappy Bird: Dong will end up with lots of Dong

It's FREE and has racked up over 50k USD of ad revenue and still counting. 50,000 us dollars,  let see who many zeros that is in Vietnamese Dong. Well, the producer of the game Dong Nguyen says he's lucky. He made the game back in 2013 but it's been unnoticed until now. All of a sudden, it rises to the top of the free game chart in the App store. Maybe Ong Tao (God of the Kitchen) is looking over him or something. Maybe the guy is born in the year of the horse? Who knows. I haven't play this game but pretty psyched up to find out about it. You gotta give credit to the Dong. Follow him on Twitter under dongatory. But dong bother "the Dong" too much. He dong like that.

Mobile gaming is the way to go. It's cheaper to make, easier to market, faster to distribute, and doesn't involve a lot of politic and bureaucracy like console games. Ideal for third world economy to develop such as Vietnam, where the majority of games are from foreigners like China and South Korea.

You know videogame in Vietnamese is crazily regulated especially online games. But Vietnamese are as addicted as ever in playing. I heard rumors some are even wearing diapers so they can play "uninterruptedly". Yikes!

Recently, the Vietnamese government has issued a Draft Regulation for Online Games. Read the whole article here.

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