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Kinetic Minutiae of Everyday Life in Hanoi by Local Filmmakers


This is from early last year. At Doclab there was a screening for a film project made by 18 local filmmakers. Shot with 8mm cameras and hand-processed at Doclab, the film was shown with a live soundtrack. Click here for more details.

Expressionistic, meditative, energetic, exuberant, and structralistic are the terms that come to mind when watching this piece. My favorite parts are the first shot of the sun piercing through the aperture of leaves as the camera rotates, at the 10:35 mark there is an abstract shot of film running out, and the sequence showing people getting their heads shaved. The film clearly is an experimental work that focuses on some of the simple cinema techniques that we take for granted in today's mainstream movies, such as fast motion, stop motion, space, time, deep focus, shallow focus, and a haunting music soundtrack. The music was done live and I assume it's from a laptop. I'm not sure if the editing was either in-camera, on a Movieola, or digital but it feels very rhythmic. Kudos to the filmmakers for using old technologies to shoot and then hand-processed the film. Hand-processing film takes a lot of patience. If you're in Vietnam and you want to experience some truly Avant Garde cinema visit Hanoi's Doclab. It "is" the place for the forefront Vietnamese filmmaking.

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