The MAN-i-CURE Behind Birdemic

I saw an article from Yahoo news the other day about why so many Viets work in the nail industry. I've always wonder about this since I have family, relatives, and friends who work with the trade. It turns out that Tippi Hedren, the famous Hollywood actress in a couple of Hitchcock films, inspires the start of it all. A very long time ago, while she was helping Vietnamese women refugees at Camp Hope, they saw her nails and were enamored by them. That adoration breathed life into the then unpopular industry. No doubt Michelle Phan should call Tippi grandma and pay her loyalty fees. Anyhow, that's how a lot of Vietnamese people got into the nail industry.

Well, Tippy is a wonderful philanthropist and she's a beautiful actress who had to put up a lot of shits from the masochistic Hitchcock. I think he's a sadist. If he was living during the Roman Empire era, he'd probably be worst than Nero. However, James Nguyen, the director of the cult hit Birdemic is a giant fan of Hitchcock. James spends four years, $10,000, and gut wrenching efforts to squeeze out Birdemic, which is a homage to Hitchcock's The Birds, which stars Tippi Hedren. She actually got bitten by real birds in that movie. The Birds has one of the most dangerous productions ever next to Roar, also starring Tippy, except in Roar, instead of birds, they're lions! I don't know, Maybe Tippi is a masochist who fetishes to be gnawed and pecked. She's always been an incredibly brave actress though. James even has her appearing as a cameo in his early film, Julie & Jack. Here is an interview about her cameo in that film.

She's a true SAINT and very sincere!!! Fortunately for all of us, James didn't become a manicurist. He's been determined to make another critical darling like the one-hit-wonder Three Seasons. After rejected by Sundance, he drives around the festival in a van decorated with dead birds, blood, blasting his car's speakers with bird noise, misspelling the film's title, and scamming drinks out of couple unlucky filmmakers at a nearby bar. All for the sake of getting the film noticed. And he does, through the help of some sympathizers and James's relentless pursuit of success, Severin's Film purchases the film and releases it in theater to sold out screenings. TAKE THAT SUNDANCE!!!!! Now Birdemic enjoys the same outlet of exposure as the films of Jodorowsky.  Say what you will about it, but this man has a lot of balls and genuine passion to do something like that. At least he doesn't play around or goes half ass.

Check out this emotional clip of James pleading to internet dwellers not to pirate his film.

This is James at Best Buy promoting the Bluray release.

The film garners strange success. It's often compared to Ed Woods' and Tommy Wiseau's The Room. I'm deeply sadden it doesn't get nominated for any Razzie Awards. For sure it definitely would make the film more popular.

Check out this live podcast with Whitney Moore, the star of the film, featuring Alfred Matthew Yankovic!

A sample of the RiffTrax commentary.

The truth is that James sincerely tries to make a good film. Please watch this video on the behind-the-scene of Birdemic 2: The Resurrection, the sequel to Birdemic: Shock and Terror. It shows his struggle to keep it all together on the set. Yes, he's working on a third film now. This one will take place in New York, and I hope it'll be titled either Bidemic, about a bunch of stupid ass Wall Street capitalists trying to bid on invisible mortgages, or Birdammit, a documentary about Mike Tyson's lifelong obsession with pigeons. If anyone knows when he's casting, please let me know. I want a role.

Check out this video behind the scene of the Master-Of-Romatic-Thriller at work.

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