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October 2017 Vietnamese Cinema News: Oscar, Film Festivals, Sexual Misconduct, Experimental Films, and More…

An Ton That is a French-born Vietnamese musician who is currently composing the soundtrack for the much anticipated Vietnamese historical drama The Third Wife, directed by Ash Mayfair.

June 10th, 2017, Will Father and Son Go To The Oscar?

Vietnamese officials have elected the tear-jerking melodrama Father and Son to represent Vietnam at the 2018 Oscar. The film will compete with 91 other contenders from other countries for the final nomination. The last Vietnamese film made to the final round is Tran Anh Hung's The Scent of the Green Papaya. That 1993 film is shot entirely in France on a sound stage. For a complete list of foreign film 2018 Oscar submissions, go the link below.

Source (Vietnamese): Zing News

September 27th, 2017, Vietnamese Equitisation of SOEs Is A Disaster!

The Vietnam Feature Film Studio, which has produced numerous homegrown films many consider "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" (USA's Library of Congress) to Vietnam, is determined to be worth zero financial value after equitisation- the process of opening a state-own enterprise (SOE) into a company that the public can invest in (Wikipedia). After intense outcry from artists and filmmakers, the government is stepping in to scrutinize the process. Established in 1953, the studio is home to countless Vietnamese cinematic classic that are meant to represent Vietnamese people and their culture. Films such as When The Tenth Month Comes, On The Same River, and The White Silk Dress are all produced by the studio.

English source: Vietnamnet, Vietnam News

English Source: Saigoneer

September 29th, 2017, "I Hate The Smell of Napalm In The Morning"

Lynn Novick and Ken Burns's glossy and conservative documentary The Vietnam War is being criticized by Vietnamese veterans from the ARVN army. They claim the film marginalizes their sacrifice by focusing mainly on the side of the North Vietnamese. It is important to note that South Vietnamese who fought in the war are nationalists and consider Communism invaders. They fled the country after the fall of Saigon for fear of persecution. Many still feel the stigma of defeat and disdain at the outcome of the war. Unfortunately, Novick & Burns's documentary fails to address this injustice which has been neglected in the past by many American recounts of the event.


October 4th-October 09th, 2017, France's Animation Film Festival Delights Hanoi Audience

Panam Animation Film Festival has dazzled Vietnamese audience with world renown cartoons. The 5-day French organized event is to inspire and educate young Vietnamese viewers on innovative storytelling in animation. Vietnamese animation industry started during the late 50s and has been stagnant recently due to lack of talent, distribution, and financial support.

Source (English): Hanoi Grapevine

Source (Vietnamese):

October 12th, 2017, Harvey Loves You Long Time

Vu Thu Phuong, a Vietnamese actress who once had a brief role in the 2008 film Shanghai, alleges Harvey Weinstein tries to teach her how to do a sex scene during a hotel meeting to discuss future movie roles. After rejecting the sleazy producer's offer, the actress left the room shaken and horrified of the ordeal. Weinstein is now being investigated by authorities after countless women accuse him of sexual harassment and rape. The perp still denies all allegations and claims to be in therapy for sex addiction.

English source: Saigoneer

Vietnamese Source (Original): Vu Thu Phuong Facebook

The Weinstein Company

October 16th, 2017, Vietnamese Experimental Films (Phim Thử Nghiệm)

Short experimental film by Vietnamese/French music composer An Ton That (A.K.A. Aaken) is a visually stunning and lyrically stimulating experience. The artist is inspired by Ryuichi Sakamoto to reach toward higher dimensions of space, movement, sound, and memory is the bridge connecting them all together. The film includes a radical music score of dissonance created by a synthesizer combined with the use of silence and ominous narration. An Ton That is a French-born Vietnamese musician who is currently composing the soundtrack for the much anticipated Vietnamese historical drama The Third Wife, directed by Ash Mayfair.


October 17th, 2017, Can Television drama series win back Vietnamese audience?

Vietnamese TV series wins Special Foreign Drama prize at The Tokyo International Film festival.  Chiều Ngang Qua Phố Cũ (Walking on Old Street in the Afternoon) is a Vietnamese TV serial about a family torn apart through financial struggles during social and economic changes. The series is produced by Vietnam Television Film Centre and has been a huge success in Vietnam.

Source: Vietnam News

October 17th, 2017 The New Faces of UK's Modern Day Slavery

The Secret Gardeners, a short animation, sheds light on the exploitation of Vietnamese minor in UK's cannabis industry. The piece is produced by ECPAT UK with the collaboration of Ruth Beni at Animage and Erica Russell, the Oscar nominated director of Triangle. According to ECPAT, a non-governmental organization to protect children, there were more than 200 Vietnamese children trafficked into the United Kingdom in 2016. The underage victims were forced by criminals to commit many illegal activities including working in marijuana farms. The short film hopes to inform the public of the dirty labor in cannabis cultivation, educate cannabis users of the inhumanity present in the production of cannabis, and ultimately free the children from UK's modern day slavery.

Watch The Secret Gardens

Watch Triangle


October 17th-October 22nd, 2017 Thi Mai, The First Spanish Language Film Shot in Vietnam

A Spanish film festival called Eye On Spain has its premiere on October 17th in Hanoi. The event introduces films from Spain to Vietnamese audience. The best part of the festival is the film Thi Mai, the 1st Spanish language film shot in Vietnam with an ensemble cast of Vietnamese and Spanish actors. The film follows Carmen who travels to Vietnam to adopt a Vietnamese daughter. Her journey is filled with bizarre episodes where she encounters strange characters. Vietnam and Spain has diplomatic ties for over 40 years and the event hopes to bring the two countries closer.

Thi Mai Trailer


October 20th, 2017, The Golden Lotus Award vs The Golden Kite Award

According to Vuong Duy Bien, the Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, The 20th Vietnam Film Festival, taking place in Dang Nam from November 24-28th, will showcase 16 feature films, 20 documentaries, and 18 animations. Each winner will receive the Golden Lotus Award, which is not to be confused with The Golden Kite Award of the Vietnam Cinema Association and considered Vietnam's Oscar.

Source: Hanoi Times

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