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For those who are passionate about Vietnamese's Art of Moving Image, we’ll try to glean you information on the good, bad, worst, entertaining, artsy, conventional, and Avant Garde. Hopefully, they can be discussed, critiqued, commented on, learned from and cherished.

These are categories for all of posts.

Avant Garde: Focusing on Vietnamese Avant Garde subjects such as experimental film, video art, installation, performances, and multi-media.

Filmmakers: Highlighting individuals who are involved in Vietnamese films around the world, specifically those who are up and coming, not as well known in mainstream media, and are involved in behind-the-scene of movie production.

News - Film: The most recent development concerning the state of Vietnamese films.

News - Animation: News on Vietnamese animation.

News - Video Game: Concerning video games made by Vietnamese.

Technology: Information on technology that is in some way relevant to making films in Vietnam.

Featured Article: In-depth writings on Vietnamese Cinema by us and our contributors.

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