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Filmmakers pay a fee to enter the competition but can win substantial prizes and exposure.

The 48 Hour Film Project took place in Saigon from June 10-11th, 2017. Different teams of young filmmakers compete to make the best short film in two days and one night. This is a sleepless and highly pressured experience great for young filmmakers to test their skills and meet potential future collaborators. ...continue reading "Gremsy Sponsors Vietnam’s 48 Hour Film Project"


Hien Le talks about the advantages and uniqueness of the ANAMORPHX lens adapter from Letus Corp. ...continue reading "Hien Le – Letus Corp Owner Talks About The New Anamorphic Lens Adapter"

stereographic-3D-by-Dain-Fagerholm-9Who needs 4D in a theater? The moment you step out of the plane in Vietnam, your surrounding feels like a 4D film experience: the colors, the noise, the humidity, and the taste of a fly that has just flown into your mouth. ...continue reading "4D cinema in Vietnam"

One of the best valued products on the market - the Lenovo 28" 4K monitor. It's expected to be released in July 2014. See Promotional Video. ...continue reading "LENOVO Thinkvision 28 INCH 4K monitor will be priced for approx. 25 million………..dong"

Cheaper 4k? OK, this is for the Vietnamese filmmakers who are DONG-strapped. News on the web claims the next Panasonic GH mirrorless camera will record in 4K. ...continue reading "PANASONIC’S NEXT GH LUMIX CAMERA WILL RECORD 4K, for under 2000 dollars… tax"

LensRental Blog has access to thousands of lenses being used by their customers. With that rare opportunity, they've published some common problems of ...continue reading "How often do Lenses Breakdown in HARSH CONDITION? Check out 2012-2013 DATA"

GoproAnamorphicIt's already very wide, usually about 170 degree. However, with this anamorphic adapter from Letus Direct, it can get wider. Check it out the detail spec in the link below. ...continue reading "GOPRO HERO 3 BLACK gets W—I—D—E—R"

It's kind of nerve racking to arrive on a movie set and find out your production team is using a different camera, unfamiliar to you. Darn it! Have no idea how to use it? ...continue reading "CINEMA CAMERA POCKET GUIDE FOR MOBILE DEVICE"

The price is kind of steep but I guess if you're a movie editor it's worth investing in one these powerful machines. One needs to also invest in a reliable storage system. Like one of those RAIDs with thunderbolt or sas, at the same time keeping in mind of the humidity in Vietnam. Additional equipments include full HD dual monitors and some kick-ass studio monitor speakers.

Check the link below for price in Vietnamese DONG.


Transformers NIKON_FLICKR_chia ying Yang_CC BY 2.0

I think one of the reason Vietnamese film industry is struggling is that they try too hard to make movies like Hollywood, especially with how much money they are spending. I’m not saying the amount of money is the same in Hollywood. Compare to Vietnamese film standard, the budget is still huge. If you spend 1 million USD to make a film then most likely you will lose money showing it in Vietnamese theater, unless you can tap into the Television and Internet market as complimentary platforms. Vietnamese films have a very small exposure window, for example during the brief TET period. Coupled with limited marketing therefore they have very little chance of monetary return. If a Vietnamese film failed at the theater in Vietnam then that’s it. At least with American movies if they don’t do well at home, they can still show overseas to recoup cost. That’s not the case with Vietnamese films. ...continue reading "PROMISING CAMERA BODIES FOR VIETNAMESE FILMMAKERS"