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This is from early last year. At Doclab there was a screening for a film project made by 18 local filmmakers. Shot with 8mm cameras and hand-processed at Doclab, the film was shown with a live soundtrack. Click here for more details.

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Check out these very cool digital artworks by Thanh Tung Le A.K.A. Crazy Monkey. He has a background in animation. Currently he lives in Saigon working as a visual artist and a Vjay. Most of his works are installation using 3D projection technique. ...continue reading "Thanh Tung Le ( a.k.a Crazy Monkey ) – Multi-Media Visual Artist from Saigon"


She's known for her expansive Blindness Series, which I've made it my 2014 New Year's resolution to see even though it's really hard to get and quite costly. Likely, it's for art collector, sort of like the Cremaster Cycle. I saw the previews for each of the films and they're really intriguing. Hope I can get a hand on it for a lower price or free somewhere. ...continue reading "Tran T, Kim-Trang – American Vietnamese Avant Garde Filmmaker"

Trinh Minh Ha is one of the very few Avant Garde Vietnamese filmmakers I'm aware of. Her works have been shown worldwide and she's won the Maya Deren Award.

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HANOI DOCLAB is a facility that supports experimental filmmaking in Vietnam. This venue regularly showcases contemporary moving image from local artists. They also hold seminars that teach filmmaking to newcomers.

Check out their website: