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Five human lives were lost, their families were destroyed, and injustice has prevailed. Even at the highest echelon of America's intelligence and security, hands were tied. Hopefully, by highlighting the individuals' personal details, a sympathetic and proactive reaction can be encouraged. If not, at least the story can be kept afloat and serves as a reminder that we can forget the past, but the past never forgets us.


It's been almost a year since the documentary "Terror in Little Saigon" had ignited emotional reactions from the Vietnamese community. Some were against the film and others were supportive of restoring the investigation of the murders of five Vietnamese-Americans. Blames were hurled and petitions were created from both sides. The film's opponents scolded that it would irrevocably damage the image of Vietnamese enclaves as peaceful and thriving. Proponents pointed fingers at their own people for being passive and ignorant at the crimes. Facts were upstaged by false pride, a cloak for insecurity. The pursuit of truth was a license to exploit the subjectivity of the past. Silence has always been the residue of shame and guilt.

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