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It's FREE and has racked up over 50k USD of ad revenue and still counting. 50,000 us dollars,  let see who many zeros that is in Vietnamese Dong. Well, the producer of the game Dong Nguyen says he's lucky. He made the game back in 2013 but it's been unnoticed until now. ...continue reading "Flappy Bird: Dong will end up with lots of Dong"

Much of the talk have been about the Vietnamese movie market. What about other media sectors? The development of video game is a crucial factor in the improvement of digital effects that can benefit the film industry. In other countries, it has always been a great talent poor for filmmakers looking for SFX artists and  technicians. Hopefully in Vietnam, they can grow together and one day support one another.

Check out this article which discusses the state of Vietnamese video game industry and the challenges they are facing.

Vietnamese Video game








This is old news back in 2011 but I'll post it anyway.

7554 is Vietnam's first major video game release. My nephew who was playing it said he didn't like it. According to him, there were several graphical glitches. Regardless, it's great to see our media being diversify. ...continue reading "7554: Vietnamese’s Call of Duty for PC"